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How to make BOOKMARKS for A4 paper with your own hands. Making an origami koala - a bookmark for a paper book! This bookmark is put on the corner of the page of the book , with it you can immediately see where you left off! You can make one koala or add a baby koala to her back , you get a cute family of animals.
Technologies do not stand still and today it is not a problem to find the right book or textbook in electronic form. But the paper book did not become less popular because of this , it’s even somehow more interesting to look at the cover , illustrations , and just flip the pages.
Of course, it is difficult to remember the necessary page everywhere, because various small objects are used as bookmarks. But it seems to me that it is better to DIY a few bookmarks with your own hands , decorate them with drawings , inscriptions or just an ornament.
Such crafts homemade bookmarks can be used many times. If you do not know what to make out of paper , then I recommend that you watch this video and start learning origami paper craft. In this video you will learn how to make a beautiful bookmark for a Koala mother with a cub with your own hands using the simple origami technique. You can make this DIY Koala bookmark out of colored or white paper in an easy and simple way. Repeat doing the craft after me!

In form, these are bookmarks-corners that are put on the desired page.
An easy craft bookmark Koala is made simply: you need one sheet of paper from which you will get four miniature corners. We will fold them using the origami technique , that is, without glue.
Such DIY bookmarks are made quickly , so you can make many different options. They can also be given , or attached to the main gift as a bonus.
For schoolchildren, this is exactly what you need , because there are a lot of textbooks , but it’s difficult to remember everything. And this is a great budget idea origami paper bookmark from school supplies , you will have an original bookmark in a single copy.

📚DIY paper bookmarks / Origami easy crafts for school / How to bookmark a bookBack to school soon and origami easy crafts for school , so make a lot of mini bookmarks, fold them into a square as shown at the beginning of the video and you will definitely not lose them , and mark the pages you need.
From the materials you will need: A4 colored paper , felt-tip pens , glue , scissors

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