How to register on OZON and make the first order step by step?

In today's world, nothing stands still , because everything is constantly evolving. Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity - these are ordinary purchases that you make while not in a store , but at home , at work or elsewhere. Purchases are made from any device - phone , tablet or computer , the main condition is the availability of access to the Internet. How can I get the goods? There are several ways: at the post office , at the point of issue or delivery by courier. I think you will agree that it is much more convenient and easier to order via the Internet than to shop , standing in long lines and something from the existing assortment . It is easier to choose the right thing on the Internet , for this you need to visit the website of the online store , study its assortment , select a product , pay for it and arrange delivery.

How to register on OZON and make the first order step by step?

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How to register on OZON and make the first order step by step?

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Along with the spread of the availability of the Internet, online commerce is becoming more and more popular. The presence on the market of many gadgets available to most people with an Internet connection only contributes to this: you can buy clothes online directly from your phone at any free moment. Naturally, online shopping has many advantages. Let's consider the main ones:

  1. Quality. Oddly enough , but it is in the online store that you can buy branded items that will not be fake. Online shopping guarantees the authenticity of the goods , otherwise such sites with products will quickly get a “bad fame”, because here every buyer can leave a review. Unfortunately , to guarantee the quality of goods purchased in a regular store .
  2. Price. Of course , rather are more popular . In stores, these products are overpriced. This is due to the customs duty and the shares of intermediaries for products. That is why ordering goods directly from the site will be much more profitable and cheaper.
  3. Search for a unique product. Searching for a unique product is a very long task. what in the search box and choose from what is offered. New collections appear in online stores earlier than in conventional ones.
  4. No time limits. Perhaps the biggest plus for those who time . Now there is no need to adapt to the opening hours and schedules of stores. You can order any product via the Internet at any time and any day. It is also convenient that you can always study in detail the characteristics and description of the desired product , compare it with analogues , choose the lowest price.
  5. Fast. Buying clothes online is much faster than in a regular store , you have the opportunity to view a much larger number of models in a short time. Moreover , collections in online stores are not removed at the end of the season - you can buy a down jacket in summer and shorts in winter.
  6. Comfort. No need to lug around with packages - the courier will deliver your purchases directly to your home or any other place convenient for you by a prearranged time. Plus, you have a wide range of payment methods to choose from. No need to worry about whether you have enough cash and whether the terminal works at the checkout - you choose how to pay for your purchases.
  7. original goods. Many modern clothing manufacturers prefer to sell through online stores , rather than open regular ones - therefore, you can find a large number of original fashion items on the net that you cannot buy in city stores.

How to place an order on Ozone step by step , I will show in this video + you can get 300 points ( 1 point = 1 ruble) for the first order only when registering through the mobile application.

How to register on OZON and make the first order step by step?

Promo code OZONMG1D43 will give you a discount on your first order of 300 points ( 1 point = 1 ruble):
1. Download the Ozon mobile application , register or log in to your account.
2. 300 points for the first order are credited within 5 minutes after entering the code word OZONMG1D43 in the mobile application.
3. The promotional code must be entered BEFORE payment.
4. Points can be used to pay up to 25% of the purchase price.
5. Attention!
Points are valid for 5 days after activation. 6. Delivery of all goods to Ozon is free.

You can use the Ozone promo code not only for the first order - the code word OZONMG1D43 gives a discount + helps you save money on repeat purchases , opens access to hidden promotions , use it every time.

Our task is simpler than ever - to learn how to get the most out of those chips and tricks that this online store in terms of saving on Ozone. Buying without their knowledge is quite expensive , so let's be smarter and more cunning: protect our wallet from exorbitant spending!

In 2021, Ozon is not just an online store , it is also one of the largest travel agencies , as well as online aggregator selling air tickets from Russian and foreign companies , railway tickets , travel insurance , hotels. In this article, we will talk about the online store , where goods are sold with delivery in Russia. But we will also mention its other areas , because you can benefit not only from buying goods , but also with the help of our life hacks and tricks, it’s even cheaper to buy a plane ticket for yourself , and even get a premium as a gift!

What is the secret benefit of shopping at Ozone

We list in this article the most relevant and interesting life hacks and tricks , as well as share links where to look for great deals and how to save money on Ozone in general. Depending on the type of offer, you can get a cashback to your points account , significant discounts on orders and gifts. And also combine cashback on your bank card with all this and not even pay for your mobile phone. And all this while doing just ordinary shopping at Ozone.

Intrigued? Then let's go! We also note in advance that all Ozon promotions described in this article are valid only for individual clients.

Code words are called promotional codes from "Ozone" . These combinations of letters and numbers , in fact , are no different and are synonymous. They give a discount , points from the Ozone store itself, or other privileges (for example , participation in prize draws , free shipping , etc. ). There are also secret code words Ozone , what they give and why they are called that way we will tell a little later.

The promo code discount is summed up with the available points of the online hypermarket , as well as with other privileges. However, please note that you can activate no more than 3 code words per day in your personal account.

Ozone points: what is it?

We activate the secret code words "Ozone" in this section on the site.

The code word that gives points is a great way to save on your purchase using these peculiar promotional codes. Sometimes Ozon on the official website or by e-mail issues code words. Here, the so-called promotional codes "Ozone", the use of which will allow you to get a discount on the order.

How to get Ozone points?

Ozon Points can also be earned by participating in marketing promotions when buying certain products on Ozone itself , getting cashback , leaving reviews , just in honor of holidays , birthdays , etc.

How are Ozone points earned?

If you have bonuses on the Ozon Travel service , then you can also turn them into Ozone points at the rate: 1 travel bonus = 1 Ozone point. In the personal account of Ozon Travel. In the opposite direction, such a rule , unfortunately , does not work.

There are so-called "Ozone" welcome points. Sometimes they are credited to the account. Their beginners need to spend within 5 days from the date of activation. Otherwise, they will burn out. This rule applies only to Ozone (

These Ozone points can be spent on any purchase of physical goods ( except for gift certificates and digital goods: e-books , software licenses, and so on). But premium points can be written off even for electronic goods. We'll talk about them a little lower.

The current number of Ozone points can be viewed in the Points section. One point - 1 ruble R.F. The points accrued to the account become active within 14 days from the moment the order changes to the "Completed" status. , can see in the shopping cart how many points you will receive as a result of the purchase ( including premium points for the Premium subscription). This line will guarantee that you have fulfilled the conditions of promotions with points , and they really rely on you.

How to spend Ozone points?

You can spend Ozone points ( that you accumulated earlier as part of the tricks , life hacks , promotions or cashback ) only on physical goods in the store , they cannot pay for future subscriptions , gift certificates , and electronic goods. Bonus points can be used to pay up to 25% of the value of the goods , and they are perfectly combined with other discounts on the site , with the face value of Ozone gift certificates.

Premium points can be redeemed for up to 99% off your purchase. The discount is cumulative with standard Ozon points. That is, the goods can be paid almost entirely with points by paying a conditional ruble from your money.

How to activate secret promotional codes Ozon
online store

The Ozone code words listed in this article are used in a special section of the site " Code words and gift certificates " or in the shopping cart immediately before paying for the order ( we inform about the features of such promotional codes / code words next to their descriptions ).

At the registration stage, the system will also offer to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter with access to "Club prices", you can even be offered Ozone points for this subscription, so do not neglect the opportunity.

These Ozone points can be spent on any purchase of physical goods ( except for gift certificates and digital goods: e-books , software licenses, and so on). In order to fully write off the welcome 300 Ozon points , it is enough for a beginner to make a purchase in the amount of 1200 rubles or more.

Secret Ozon bonuses

Why secret?

Because you won't find these promotions on the Ozon website itself, publicly available to everyone. They are distributed only through Ozon managers and through special links , as well as promotional codes. To participate in them, you need to enter a special secret code word "Ozone" in the basket before paying for the order or in a special section if there is no such line in the basket. We will provide it to you. We appreciate your trust , so you will get an advantage over ordinary online store .

Knowing how to use Ozon life hacks is your main trick that increases efficiency and overall savings on shopping at Ozon. You can bookmark this page as we keep it up to date for you. Right after this compilation are the life hacks we found and detailed reviews of non-obvious opportunities for profit at Ozone.

For all questions about the operation of Ozone's secret code words, for profitable discounts, write to [email protected] or in the comments to this article.

Enter the promo code in the Ozone mobile application and get 100 Ozone points as a gift when you purchase an Ozone gift certificate in the amount of 2,500 rubles or more in this section ( attention : only 1 gift certificate purchase counts! You can buy several certificates of a smaller denomination , but within a single purchase). Promotion until November 30, 2021 . Available to both new and existing customers.

Be sure to visit this section - there are collected all the current promotions at the moment.

Autumn sale at Ozon. They offer discounts up to 90%.

Closed sales for those who have a premium status .

Premium cashback up to 15% for those who have a premium status .

The "Ozone Discount" section is an access to the final sale of the rest of the goods , here you can snatch truly profitable offers. All the details of the action at the link.

Markdown Items - A collection of items that are functionally equal but may look slightly different from the norm.

Ozone Premium points: how to get

In 2021, another type of cashback appeared on Ozone. In addition to standard points ( -25% to the price of any product), you can also accumulate and write off Premium points. Their only feature that they are available for debiting only for those who have a premium subscription . They can be accumulated from the purchase of goods , which depict the crown icon with the number of points.

You can write off such points for the same goods with the image of the crown. Moreover, points can be exchanged for a discount of up to 99% of the value of the goods. Such bonus points become available for spending immediately from the moment the goods are received . The maximum you can keep on your account is no more than 30,000 of these points , and this is just some kind of just a huge cashback figure.

On average, cashback Ozone premium points , however, we have seen options where the cashback was 10% and even 15% of the original price.

You can also increase the percentage of premium cashback using a free debit card with OzonCard . 4% cashback in the form of Ozone premium points , and for other goods 1% .

The key feature of such a cashback is that it is cumulative with both bank card cashback and the store's basic cashback ( giving a 25% discount on any store product , except for services and digital goods), as well as all available discounts ( including exclusive Ozon Premium subscription and Ozon manager referral program ).

Please note : Ozone premium points are awarded even when the product is 99% paid for by other points ( for example , Ozon premium points). That is, even if, taking into account all discounts and other Ozone points, you pay a conditional ruble out of your money , you will still receive premium points

Getting Ozone points for books ( cunning life hack)

Find any book on the Ozone website, then add it to your cart. You don't pay anything. Then we just wait. Periodically, this store triggers a filter for unpaid orders in the basket. They still motivate to make a purchase - they give all the same Ozone points , which can also be used to pay up to 25% of the cost of the goods. True , in this case they give points that can only be spent on books . However , they are cumulative with other universal points ( if you have them and can apply them). The lifetime of these points is the same - a year from the moment of activation of the promotional code that gives points. It is sent by e-mail , to which your personal account is registered.How to register on OZON and make the first order step by step?

Ozone points for your product reviews ( from 50 to 300 points)

Another original way to get Ozon points has appeared. To do this, simply write a review about your purchase. For simple reviews without an image, the store will give you up to 150 points , and for detailed , well-illustrated ones, you can even get up to Ozone points Your reviews will be useful to buyers , and you will receive bonuses from Ozone . Please note that the store does not pay for all reviews , but only for some of your purchases , however , the store has a lot of products that can be evaluated for money ( that is, for points!). find out for which purchased product you can receive a reward in your personal account. As a rule , a day is given for this case , so when you received the order at the point of issue or by courier , check if you are entitled to points for reviewing the purchase. Don't miss your chance to earn points!

Ozone points for your birthday ( up to 500 points)

birthday points regularly . Ozone points are awarded in the month when you have a birthday. Sometimes it happens next month , but that's not the point. promo code comes that you need to activate in your personal account. On average, they give from 300 to 500 points. The size depends on your shopping activity. If you didn’t buy anything at all during the year , then they may not give a gift. Unfortunately , this is not an obligation of the store , but only its right , so it makes no sense to demand them from them on the occasion of your birthday. Recall that these points can pay up to 25% of the cost of the order. Points are valid for 7 days from the date of activation. And the code word itself must be entered within a month from the date of receipt. So if you have a DR soon , might make sense to wait to get a discount and make at least one purchase to increase your chances .

Profitable life hacks and tricks

By the way , Ozone often has sales in honor of the time of year. For example , now there is a big autumn sale . Lots of interesting offers with good discounts. More than 500,000 products take part in the sale , and discounts reach up to 80%. There are also more themed sales. For example , books , goods for summer cottages , children's goods and so on. Of course , the store also participates in the largest sales promotions in the country: Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and so on.

If your product is participating in any promotion , then usually on the product page you can see a notification about this ( usually in a small purple rectangle - you can click on it and read the terms of the promotion). Look closely at the illustration. In this case, the product participates in a fairly popular promotion " 1 + 1 = 3 ", which means that if you buy either this product in a copy of two pieces , or any other products from the promotional section , then the cost of the third one will be free ( if these are different products then the lowest price will be the discount).

Also keep in mind that Ozon presents not only goods from the Ozon store itself, from its warehouse , but also offers from its many partners , which is why the price for the same product on the website itself may differ.

Do not be surprised , because our "Ozone" has long become a showcase where other online stores . It only benefits us , because there is a wider variety of goods and more competitive prices.

You can easily find out in the product card which warehouse the goods will be sent to you and which specific seller. But money for goods , as usual , is accepted in the ecosystem of Ozone itself, including delivery , statuses , privileges, and so on.

Bargain with an Ozon seller through "I want a discount"

In 2021, another life hack not known to everyone appeared in the Ozone online store Its trick is that you can reduce the price on individual terms by discussing the discount with the seller of the goods. Basically , bargain with him. The most popular reason to get a discount is the cost of goods in other online stores is lower than on Ozone, and this happens very often here.

Unfortunately , you can still request a discount and bargain with not all sellers. But if you see the cherished “I want a discount”, then feel free to click and offer your price.

And it is very simple to do this: go to the card with the product you need. And then we find the section “ I want a discount! ". We click on it and fill out a small form which you indicate a link to another site where you found it cheaper and write a small comment. It is not necessary to indicate a link to the product , but with it your arguments will be more solid. Nevertheless , even if you didn’t find it cheaper anywhere , you still ask for a discount , the chances of getting it are high.

As a rule , the seller responds and gives you a personal discount , which you can use within 3 days and for 1 unit of goods , unless otherwise agreed. You will receive a notification of the personal discount provided when purchasing goods on Ozone by e-mail or in a mobile application.

, it is not even necessary to provide evidence that somewhere his product is cheaper. You can request your discount , and the seller will either agree to it , or offer his own price option ( if he offers at all , but the attempt is not torture).

Buying Discounted Items on Ozon

You can also purchase discounted items on Ozon . They are fully functional , but they have certain features. Usually these are torn packaging , small traces of use , goods from repair, and so on. The reason for the markdown can always be found on the product card. Such goods are usually much cheaper , so if you are ready to take on their shortcomings , then why not buy? After all, the terms of the guarantee and return on them are the same.

Price change subscription

Another Ozon bargain hack : you now subscribe to a price change for the product you are interested in , and Ozon will notify you by e-mail when it is cheaper. If the product is temporarily out of stock , then you can also subscribe to the product , and Ozon will promptly notify you when it appears and in what quantity. Pay attention to the illustration. This is a new additional savings option introduced in 2019.

Discount on items in Favorites and Ozon Cart

It's also a fairly common hack. If you subscribe to their email notifications , then periodically Ozon makes personal discounts on what you set aside for possible future purchases either in your shopping cart or in your "Favorites". It seems to motivate you to buy by making a personal offer or simply informing you that the price of your product has decreased as part of general sales. This also needs to be closely monitored so as not to miss a bargain.

Ozon regular delivery: a non-obvious life hack of a bargain

The Ozone store began to develop a completely new and even revolutionary way of shopping online in Russia. It's called regular delivery . You are essentially subscribing to the purchase and delivery of items that you frequently use. For example , it can be pet food , cosmetics, and so on. Link the card , assign the frequency of purchases ( for example , once a month), and the system automatically buys goods for you. And then you just get it either by courier or at the point of issue.

The benefit from regular purchases on Ozone with auto payment is that the store, in order to further popularize the service, has made a cumulative discount system . The longer you have a subscription to a product in this online store , the cheaper each subsequent purchase will be. The discount can reach up to 20%.

However, the discount does not work for all categories of goods. In the product card in the section with the price, you can additionally familiarize yourself with the pricing conditions for this service.

For some products with regular delivery of Ozone, the discount is valid even in the first month of the subscription. Take a look at the example in the image. In this case, the difference is already visible. If you place an order in the format of a product subscription , then the order will be cheaper by 5% than if you place it in the usual way ( at the same time, after receiving the order, you can immediately cancel the subscription to the product on Ozone - no one will forbid you to do this ). And if you don’t cancel and continue to keep this subscription , then next month the purchase will be cheaper by 7%, then 8%, and so on until the final discount of 10%, which you will always have if you continue to use a subscription with regular delivery to Ozon .

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