7 professions that you can learn from scratch after 35 years

Work has not caused you anything but longing and boredom for a long time , but does it seem to you that it is too late to give up everything and start from scratch? Nothing like that , you can learn a new profession at any age , for this it is not at all necessary to return to college. Here are seven in-demand specializations that you can master very quickly.

7 professions that you can learn from scratch after 35 years


This profession is in demand no less than the profession of a cook , but cake masters and marzipan experts are many times less.

You can learn confectionery skills in courses without interrupting your main job , bringing the acquired skills to perfection in your own kitchen - to the delight of family and friends.

Even if you don’t dream about the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant , the ability to bake airy meringues and burn out creamy monograms will come in handy in life.

In addition, with such a profession, you can easily move to another country without fear for the future - marketers of foreign production are hardly needed there , but confectioners are much more in demand.

Nail service master

It is not for nothing that manicure masters are considered the elite of the profession all over the world. Teaching this art is really at a very high level.

This profession requires some financial investments - not only in courses , but also in materials , however, it pays off quickly and with interest , since manicure is one of the most popular beauty services , new salons open daily , and the need for good masters is high.

Tourism manager

If you have already managed to travel , speak at least one foreign language , and at your leisure like to sit on websites with hotels and air tickets , dreaming about the seas and corals , then think about working with tourists.

Courses for tourism managers usually last no more than three months - during this time you will be taught how to work with booking systems , they will tell you everything about visa regimes , climate and features of the tourist corners of the planet , the basics of marketing and the psychological intricacies of communicating with clients.

If you're lucky and get a job with a good agency , you'll also ride around the world for free or half price.


Your own children are already independent teenagers , sometimes you are nostalgic for those times when they were nice chubby babies. Of course , it was tiring - but how interesting!

In big cities, there are a huge number of families where mom and dad work until late , because good nannies are worth their weight in gold.

An intelligent babysitter , with experience in raising her own children , pleasant manners and basic medical knowledge is the dream of any such family.

If you love children and know how to get along with them , consider taking babysitter courses - this is a fairly short training that takes only about a week and includes the very basics of nursing. Medical education is not required for this.


The smell of coffee , the tenderness of the foam , the exotic music of the names of varieties - some just sip their morning coffee , while others enjoy the process , and if you are from a clan of coffee lovers , then try to put this passion at the service of career interests.

Coffee has long been in vogue and is not going out of it yet.

Even a monkey can press the button of a coffee machine , but in order to become a barista , you really need to understand the types of coffee , be able to distinguish ristretto from espresso , know what consistency the latte foam should be and be able to draw all sorts of patterns on it , so touching guests of coffee houses.

Barista courses are often held under the auspices of large chain establishments , and the best students have a good chance of getting a job there.

The basic course lasts only two or three days , but a good barista improves throughout his life.

Computerized warehouse manager

This is one of the most sought-after specialties , labor market experts are sure that its popularity will only grow.

Today, warehousing and logistics have evolved from high-tech industries with strict control and accountability , the need for people who , in short with digital technology is very high.

At the same time, you can master such a specialty in just a couple of months of professional retraining courses. And if you are a former accountant , then you simply will not have a price.


This work requires artistic flair , love of beauty and no allergy to pollen. But training in the specialty "florist" does not require special time costs - it will take only one to two weeks to master the basics.

After completing the course, you will know hundreds of names of flowers and all sorts of decorative herbs , , table decorations and flower arrangements from them , learn all about the intricacies of color - in general , it is an interesting and creative business.

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