Exercises for correcting wide hips

It is possible and necessary to deal with the problem of wide hips in women. A sufficient number of special sets of exercises have been developed that are easy to perform on your own. In this article, you will learn simple and effective exercises that will help reduce wide hips.
The problem of wide hips worries many women. To correctly solve a mathematical problem , you need to carefully study the condition. The same principle can be applied when it comes to eliminating extra pounds and centimeters.

Exercises for correcting wide hips

Why do women's hips get bigger? First of all , it is laid down by Nature itself. The female body is intended for procreation , for the birth of children , which means that , initially , the female figure is predisposed to rounded and fairly wide hips.
Plus , estrogens - hormones responsible for many important processes in a woman's body , contribute to the deposition of fat cells in the pelvic area , which makes the hips a problem area.
Equally important is the type of figure inherent in a particular representative of the fair sex.
As well as the individual structural features of the femoral muscle tissue itself and the ability to lose weight in the hips by a couple of centimeters in 2 days ... In addition , the characteristics of the adipose tissue of the thighs are such that they have a large number of fat-saving alpha-2 receptors , and this makes it difficult to burn fat cells in these places.

Exercises to reduce hips at home

Before you start doing exercises , you need to remember a few mandatory rulesso that playing sports brings only benefit and pleasure:
Be sure to warm up the leg muscles before the main set of exercises.
It is not necessary to set records for endurance , speed and the number of actions performed on the first day of classes.
After the end of the complex, relaxing final exercises are necessary.
Do not stop exercising abruptly. In order to practice at home , you do not need to purchase expensive simulators and devices. The usual sports uniform and a mat for classes are enough. A good mood and favorite music will be great helpers.

The most effective exercises in order to in the thighs will be squats. You just need to remember that they are contraindicated if there are diseases of the joints of the legs - arthritis and arthrosis , or problems with the spine.
Also an important factor is the choice of starting positionfrom which the squat is done.
This affects the participation in the process of a particular muscle group. the front surface of the thigh is loaded
first . The position "standing feet wider than shoulders" involves the muscles of the buttocks and the inner surface of the thigh. “Standing feet together” - with this initial position, all the muscles of the legs work , but most of all - the front surface of the thigh. The pace of the exercise is also important. At a slower pace , muscle mass builds up , at a faster pace, fat cells are burned.

Exercise number 1
Position - standing against the wall , posture is straight. It is necessary to slowly and smoothly lower down the wall to a position where the knees are bent at a right angle. Hold this position for a few seconds , exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat 5-8 times , gradually increase to 10 times.
This exercise is extremely effective in loading the thigh muscles. Its regular implementation will give results in a few months of classes.

Exercise number 2
Squat "Plie". Standing , feet shoulder-width apart , knees and feet apart. Slowly squat , lingering at the bottom for a few seconds. Over time , increase the time in the squat. Start execution from 5-8 , bringing up to 10-15 times.
With this version of the exercise, the load falls on the front surface of the thigh. The effect will appear after a month or two of systematic training.

Exercise number 3
From the basic position "standing , feet together" take a step to the right , taking a semi-squat to a right angle at the knees. Return to starting position. Perform the same movement on the left side. Perform 8-10 times , can be increased to 20.
The thigh muscle group is loaded , which leads to tangible results after two months of daily exercise.
Very effective for weight loss in the hips and legs.

Exercise number 4
Standing position , legs together , arms to the sides , back straight. Raise the right leg to the left arm and vice versa. Try to keep your leg straight. Without a good stretch, this exercise is difficult , so first you need to do it 5-8 times , gradually increasing the number to 10-15 and increasing the amplitude of the swings.
This exercise from the ears on the hips saves many. Such leg movements force the inner thighs to work actively. Doing this exercise daily for a week or two , you can notice the results.

Exercise number 5
From a lying position on the left side. Left hand in front , right on the belt , legs together.
Mahi with the right straight leg up. In the upper position, hold the leg for a couple of seconds and slowly lower it down. Repeat 20 to 40 times. Change position and do the exercise with the other leg. These swings are aimed at working the outer surface of the thigh. The results of systematic repetitions of the exercise will make themselves felt in a couple of weeks.

Exercise number 6
Standing on all fours , take emphasis on the palms and knees. Hands shoulder-width apart , head raised. Bending the left leg at the knee , slowly raise it up and fix it for a couple of seconds in this position. Then slowly lower. Repeat for the right leg. Start with 5-7 times , gradually increasing to 20 times for each leg.
A good workout for the back of the thigh and buttock muscles. The effect of exercise will become noticeable after 2-3 weeks of daily training.

Lunges Lunges
are another exercise that is second to none when it comes to wanting to get the extra weight off your hips.

Exercise number 7
Stand up straight , feet shoulder width apart. Lunge forward with your right foot. Slowly lower yourself with your thigh parallel to the floor.
The knees of both legs are bent at a right angle. Take the starting position. Repeat movements 10-15 times. Do the same for the left leg. Load on the front of the thigh and gluteal muscles. The result will be noticeable after a month of classes.

Exercise number 8
Bulgarian lunges. For this exercise you will need a chair. Standing with your back to a chair , put the shin of your right leg on it , bending your leg at the knee. The left leg is extended forward to the maximum comfortable distance. Put your hands on your belt. The body remains motionless , the back is straight. Bend your right leg into a deep lunge. Return to starting position. Repeat for the other leg. Start with 10 reps per leg , work up to 20-30 lunges in multiple sets.
Perfectly loads the anterior femoral and gluteal muscles. Gives a visible result after a week of classes , if you perform lunges daily.
There are many more physical activities that you can do on your own. The above complex is just the basis , which needs to be diluted with exercises for other muscle groups.
Quite simply , but effectively reduces fat deposits on the thighs , the usual walking up the stairs. You can start with one or two floors a day , ideally, refuse to use the elevator at all. Such training is very useful for general muscle tone , and also strengthens the heart and blood vessels.
Doing sports at home will give a good result only in the case of systematic training. If willpower is not enough , you need to look for some kind of fitness course under the supervision of a trainer.
A set of exercises is selected individually , taking into account the degree of physical fitness , general health and other personal characteristics. But there are universal exercises on simulators that give good results:

Exercise number 1
Leg press in the simulator. Sitting in the simulator , place your feet shoulder-width apart , rest your feet on the platform. Raise the platform up , while not straightening the legs to the end. Hold this position for a short time and slowly lower your legs down , bending at an angle of 90 degrees.
Works great on the muscles of the thigh and buttocks.

Exercise number 2
Jumping on a trampoline. In 15 minutes of training, it helps to burn a couple of kg of weight , while all the muscles of the thigh work.

Exercise number 3
Hack squats are very good for eliminating excess fat in the breeches. When performing the exercise , the back should fit snugly against the simulator. Exercise is done slowlyto avoid stress on the pelvic joints.
All thigh muscles are involved , which burns fat cells very effectively.
Classes on modern simulators are capable of real miracles , if you clearly follow the advice of the trainer and connect the right nutrition.
In recent years, the canons of female beauty have undergone significant changes. Fewer girls tend to be like sexless angular creatures. Loving your body , keeping your muscles in good shape , getting rid of bad eating habits - this is the way to true harmony and beauty.

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