Yoga for the abdomen: 5 simple poses that will help restore harmony

In order to increase the metabolism of your body , it is recommended to do these exercises in the morning , in addition , these postures should be repeated every three days for a week.

It is probably difficult to find a person , at least once after a hearty dinner, did not regret the amount of food he ate , looking at his slightly “swollen” tummy. Jokes are jokes , but , as you know, you have to pay for everything in life , and for a delicious dinner full of substances harmful to the figure , that's for sure. And not always this retribution of a financial nature , sadly , but sometimes the price of a delicious dinner is our health. The food that we eat every day does not always contain the necessary range of minerals , vitamins and proteins , basically it is just a set of cholesterol , carbohydrates and concentrated fats , and , as a result , our body suffers , the outside and from the inside , due to our weaknesses for "sweets".

If you don’t eat right for a long time , the result from eating these goodies will not be long in coming. Nasty fat will begin to appear on the hips , abdomen , arms , legs , etc.

If you can try to cover the fat on your arms with the sleeves of a T-shirt or shirt , hide the extra wrinkles at the waist with a tunic or dress , then you can’t cover the fat from the abdomen with anything other than a loose canopy of X L size. Be that as it may , you can hide extra pounds for the time being , up to time until your body resists the wrong food from the inside , and the "rebellion" of the internal organs begins.

The stomach is the place where extra pounds like to settle the most. However , this is also one of the most dangerous places where fat deposition cannot be ignored , because fat in the abdomen is directly associated with diseases such as obesity , diabetes , cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. In order to prevent the worst , you need to take care of your health as soon as you have the first extra pounds. On the Internet , magazines , books , there are many ways to lose weight , get in good shape , lose weight and reduce body size and weight.Yoga for the abdomen: 5 simple poses that will help restore harmony

Diets , gyms , fitness centers - lots of advice , but since each of us is individual , then the approach to losing weight should be individual. Unfortunately , a diet can only give a short-term effect , but in combination with physical activity , the result will be noticeable pretty soon and it will be fixed for a long time. Fitness and the gym may not be for everyone. So is there anything that suits everyone and everyone? There is also yoga. Uniform , smooth , slow movements , alternating with rest , help to strengthen the muscles of the body and relax them. Poses that will help you cope with excess weight and health problems.

1. Pose "Cobra" ( Asana BHUJANG)

This pose helps to reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It also strengthens the entire upper body and spine , making it stronger and more flexible.

To do this pose:

- Lie on your stomach , legs extended , touch your shoulders with your fingers.

- Chin and toes touch the floor.

upper body , bending forward as far as possible.

- In this position, you really look like a cobra , ready to attack.

Depending on your fitness level , hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds. - Exhale slowly and then bring your body back to the starting position. – Repeat this pose 5 times with short breaks. If you have an ulcer , hernia , back injury, or if you are pregnant , then this pose is not recommended for you.

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2. Pose "Bow" ( Asana DHANURASANA)

This pose strengthens the abdominal muscles , arms and legs. In order to fully achieve the result , you must lay on your stomach with your arms around your legs and swing back and forth , holding this position in the center of your stomach. This posture makes the digestive system work more actively , fights constipation , and also strengthens the spine.Yoga for the abdomen: 5 simple poses that will help restore harmony

To do this pose:

- Lie on your stomach with legs extended and arms along the body.

- Bend your knees and reach your hands to your ankles or to the tips of your toes.

– Inhale and lift your head and bend your body back trying to lift your legs as high as possible.

Try to repeat this pose every 15-30 seconds while breathing evenly. —

Repeat at least 5 times , each time returning to the starting position , with legs extended and arms out to the sides.

3. Pose "Bridge" ( ASANA NAUKASANA)

This is a great yoga pose that actively fights fat in the waist area. It is great for those who have stomach problems , it also strengthens the muscles of the legs and back in general.Yoga for the abdomen: 5 simple poses that will help restore harmony

In order to do this pose you need:

- Lie on your back , legs together , arms along the body.

- Inhale and start lifting your legs , try to keep them straight ( without bending your knees).

- Stretch your legs and toes , trying to lift your legs as high as you can.

- Sitting in this position , stretch your arms and lift them , trying to reach your knees , drawing a 45 degree angle with your body.

- Breathe deeply while holding this position for 15 seconds. - Lower yourself to the starting position and exhale. - Repeat this pose several times with a break of 15-30 seconds.


This yoga pose is one of the most difficult , but also the most effective in the fight against excess wrinkles in the waist. It also strengthens the shoulders , arms , back , hips and buttocks.Yoga for the abdomen: 5 simple poses that will help restore harmony

To do this pose:

- Lie on your stomach , arms along the body , legs straightened.

- Raise up on your hands , as if you were preparing to do push-ups.

- Stand on the tips of your toes and begin to walk in small steps away from your body.

- From head to toe, your body should form a straight line , so straighten up , look straight ahead so that the head , neck , spine and legs are even.

- Hold the tension in the muscles of the legs and arms for 20-30 seconds , and if possible , then try to stand like this for as long as possible.

- Exhale and get down on your knees. - Repeat this pose five times , resting at least every 15 seconds after each exercise. Please note that you should avoid this pose if you have high blood pressure or if you have a shoulder or back injury.


This pose has numerous benefits besides relieving lower back pain and strengthening the spine , hips and abdominal muscles , this pose also massages the colon , balances the pH level in the stomach , relieves constipation and speeds up metabolism.Yoga for the abdomen: 5 simple poses that will help restore harmony

To do this pose:

- Lie on your back , legs extended , arms out to the sides.

- Your legs should be apart so that your heels are touching and your toes are apart.

As you exhale, bend your knees and gradually pull them towards your chest.

- Contract your abdominal muscles , putting pressure on the abdominal cavity.

- To properly hold your knees , clasp them with your hands.

- Breathe deeply and hold this pose for a minute.

- Exhaling , release your knees and straighten your arms along the body , palms down.

- Repeat this pose five to seven times , with a break of 15-30 seconds.

Yoga for the abdomen: 5 simple poses that will help restore harmony

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