Why is it important for women to wear skirts and dresses?

The skirt has always been considered the main attribute of femininity. And the reason for this is not only the beauty of such clothes. Experts in the field of energy practitioners believe that when a woman puts on a skirt , she begins to accumulate the energy of femininity inherent in her.
Therefore, the skirt also carries with it a certain sacred meaning for each of the representatives of the weaker sex. Right today, wear a long skirt or dress and get used to feeling like a true woman.
Since ancient times, women have dressed exclusively in dresses and skirts. And this fashion was true for all peoples. For example , among Slavic women, a sundress was the main clothing , Indian women dressed in long wide scarves , and Japanese women wore a kimono over their bodies. As you can see , the clothes of all women did not in any way imply the design of trousers.
In earlier times, people more subtly felt their connection with the forces of nature. And it was known to everyone that women differ from men not only in physical parameters. People of different genders have different energies. Men were ordered to draw energy from outer space. And women took energy mainly from the earth.

Why is it important that women wear skirts and dresses

If we remember such concepts as love , sensitivity , care , mercy , tenderness , then , of course , we will attribute them to a woman.
But in relation to the earth such definitions will be fair. The design of any skirt is such that it forms a cone expanding downwards.
And this skirt model was not invented by chance. It was believed that such a cone helps a woman better absorb the energy and power of the earth , become fertile and materially prosperous. The energy of a woman , if we talk about the physical body , accumulates in a special organ - the uterus. Men, as planned by nature, are not endowed with such an organ. And in terms of energy, in order for a man to receive the energy of the earth , he must take it from a woman.
When a woman puts on trousers , she seems to block the connection with the earth. The movement of energy stops , and the female sacred vessel in the form of a uterus remains empty.
As a result, a woman has nothing to share with a man. Feminine energy for a man is important. She makes him more calm , balanced , stable. If a man has access to female energy , then he will always want to do creative work. When a man is deprived of female affection and love , he becomes aggressive , rude and cruel.
There are quite a few women who don't wear skirts at all. They dress exclusively in trousers or jeans. But from an energetic point of view, such a woman strengthens and nourishes her spirit in a way alien to her , that is, in a manly way . As a result, a woman's interaction with a man also occurs as if she were a man by nature. On the subtle plane, this is expressed in the fact that the exchange of energies is disturbed. This can also be reflected on the physical plane in the form of various illnesses , misunderstandings and quarrels in relationships.Why is it important for women to wear skirts and dresses?
, can say that such clothes are very comfortable , they are stylish , practical and fashionable. Of course , in jeans it will be much more convenient for a woman to do the work that was originally due to men , for example , carry weights , move quickly and dexterously , etc. Compared to trousers, a skirt or dress acts like a natural brake. But this is a great blessing for a woman , bringing her peace and harmony. It would never even occur to a real woman to do hard work , carry heavy loads or rush somewhere . She will wait for a man for this , who , like a real knight , will not refuse to help her.
Wearing a beautiful skirt or dress , any woman can feel how quickly her mood and state change. A huge and very familiar energy seems to awaken in a woman. Naturally , men's eyes are always directed precisely at women in skirts and dresses.
Pants for women , albeit super fashionable , still need to be worn only as an exception.
The length and shape of the skirt also matters. It used to be that a women's skirt or dress should certainly be as long as possible , as they say today , to the floor. So it was easier for a woman to feed and keep the energy of the earth in herself. If the skirt has wide edges that sway when moving and twist slightly , then torsion fields begin to appear , designed to enhance earthly energy. The edge of the skirt has long been considered a kind of circle-amulet .
Such a charm was intended to create protection for the sexual centers of a woman. The health of the female reproductive organs and their proper functioning directly depend on the correct operation of such centers. The image of a woman in a long skirt will always remind you of chastity , innocence and purity. A long skirt will protect a woman from lustful looks. And this is very important. Such bad views are like a real evil eye , capable of leaving a gap in the lower energy centers.
If this happens , then the woman simply loses her sexual energy. Together with her, vitality and female attractiveness will go away. As a result, the energy impoverishment of the woman occurs. She can no longer give her man anything , and therefore he loses interest in her. , many women are wondering where the real men , comparable to Russian heroes, have gone. But think for yourself , where will they come from if women themselves have ceased to be such in the full meaning of this concept?
Women deliberately abandon their femininity by dressing in trousers and other men's clothing. Fortunately , the fashion of recent years is such that it gives women a chance to return to the original women's clothing , absorb the power of the earth and endow their beloved man with their femininity. Therefore, right today, wear a long skirt or dress and get used to feeling like a true woman.

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Why is it important for women to wear skirts and dresses?


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