I plant cucumbers according to the method of the Belarusian aunt! All the neighbors tried this method of planting in their garden ...

Last spring, we went to relatives in Belarus and brought from there a method of planting cucumbers in the ground , which my aunt , Vera Kirillovna , for more than a dozen years. For planting, she prepares the following components: humus , wood ash , boiling water and the actual seeds. The tool used in this operation is known to everyone - this is a shovel.

I plant cucumbers according to the method of the Belarusian aunt

  1. Digs a small bed 2 m long and 60-70 cm wide.
  2. It makes holes in a checkerboard pattern “through the cage”: one , then two and again one.
  3. The holes should be 60 cm apart.
  4. We have heavy soil on the site , loam , so fertilizers play a big role. We prepare each hole as follows: make a 10 cm deepening , put a handful of humus down , two tablespoons of ash , a handful of earth and mix it all.
  5. Then pour boiling water over this mass , hold for 5-10 minutes and throw 5-7 cucumber seeds.
  6. After we fill the seeds with earth and no longer water.
  7. If cold nights are expected , the hole can be covered with a film , and removed in the morning.
  8. And so - until shoots. Watering is best in the eveningwhen the sun hides and a shadow will fall on the bed.
We immediately tried this planting method in our garden. Seeds began to sprout amicably in a week , despite the fact that they planted different germination dates.
I think, each summer resident has already taken root on the site their seeds of preferred varieties, so I won't make any recommendations. Belarusians , using this method, get such a rich harvest, that pickle cucumbers in barrels.

Save so you don't lose.

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