Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn

Slippers are in almost everyone. It's nice to come back from work and change into something soft and comfortable.
Knitted slippers can be an excellent option. What will be required

  • hook number 7 and number 6
  • knitted yarn
  • knitting needles 5.5
  • scissors

How to do
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn

Cast on air loops depending on the size you need. For size 36 - 17 loops , for 37 - 18 , for 38-39 - 19 , for 40-41 - 20 , for 42-43 - 21.

In the second loop from the hook, knit a single crochet. Make 10 columns. Next, 1 half-column with one crochet and 6 columns with one crochet are knitted. In the last loop, knit 5 single crochet stitches.
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn

Knitting will wrap , repeat everything in reverse order. In the last loop, knit 2 single crochet ( increase).
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn Connect the row with a single crochet.

Cast on 3 chain stitches for the second row. In the first knit 2 columns with one crochet. The rest is one double crochet.

The last 5 columns with one crochet , knitted at the beginning , are filled in according to the following scheme: the first two - 2 columns with one crochet , the third - 3 , the fourth and fifth - 2 each.

The entire next row is knitted with a single crochet until the increase. In the first loop, knit one column with one crochet , in the second two.
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn Knit one stitch in the last stitch. Connect the row with the extreme loop in the first row. Hide the ends of the thread.

Make the same detail , but do not cut the thread.
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn Put two pieces together and crochet the thread through the first. Knit all loops with a connecting column.

Sew the middle. Make the second sole in the same way.
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn

Cast on 16 sts on needles , leaving a long tip. Knitting is carried out in rotary rows. A total of 22 rows.

Remove the first loop. From the second, knit all facial. Turn knitting , remove the first loop and knit all the words. Continue until you get 22 rows.

For knitting 23, remove the first loop. Knit the next two together. Continue unchanged until the end of the row. Knit the last two together.

Close knitting. Transfer the thread to the other side , knit three loops together. Returning the working loop to the base , knit two together to the end of the row , the last three together.
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn

Sew the top piece to the sole. With hook No. 6, pull the tail over the two walls of the pigtail , pull the thread through each loop until you sew the details.
Slippers crocheted from knitted yarn Hide the rest of the thread.

Detailed instructions in the video below.

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How to knit slippers

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